Aferist Zhiganov Mikhail. Аферист Жиганов Михаил

Вся правда о профессиональном аферисте Жиганове Михаиле Николаевиче
All truth about professional swindler Zhiganov Mikhail Nikolaevich
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Zhiganov Michael Nikolaevich is professional swindler, he systematically and purposefully develops and puts in action the schemes on processing of people on reception from them money as advance payments (the various interest rate from 20 to 100 %) for certain things (the cars, expensive exclusive - hours, jeweller ornaments; the real estate etc.).
Thus for reception of money it uses as a rule figureheads, without shunning friends, relatives etc. Definitively it drops out of sight of these people having received money. If you have not got to its similar scheme, to you has carried. Warn in that case acquaintances and the friends having contacts to it "a wolf in the sheep skin".

Geography of activity of Zhiganova M. N:

- Russia
- St.-Petersburg, Moscow
- Europe
- Germany, France, Lithuania, Ukraine
- Israel
- China

Carries out swindles in quality:

- The private person
- The representative of Open Company "Миоли", St.-Petersburg
- Representative Firma OLEGIRA&S.IKONNIKOW, Berlin
- Representative Firma Mioli GmbH, Berlin

In swindles accounts of following banks are used:

- Bank St.-Petersburg
- Luzerner Kantonalbank

Partners participating in swindles:

- The citizen of Ukraine - Oleg Ikonnikov (20.08.1964 of the river), living in Germany

Fields of activity:

- Cars from Germany to order
- Jeweller ornaments, hours, level mobile phones vip, exclusive кожгалантерея (bags etc.) to order
- Real estate purchase (a vein, commercial) in Russia and Europe
- Purchase of the ground areas in Russia and Europe

Psychological portrait:

- Temperament: it is counterbalanced;
- Character: the type - "jamming", is initiative, sociable, sensitive, vindictive, avaricious, is vain, selfish;
- Abilities: attentiveness, concentration, purposefulness, observation, flexibility of mind, ability to be guided in difficult situations, adaptability, high efficiency of cerebration;
- An orientation: completely it is not found out, the main priorities in a life - pleasure from environment, material benefits, children;
- Intellectuality: high, sufficient for ability to be guided in conditions and accordingly to build the behaviour;
- An emotionality: propensity to affect - is minimum, ability to operate emotions, is subject to stress in rare instances;
- Strong-willed qualities: the strong will shown in definiteness of intentions and acts, it is persevering, sustained;
- Ability to communicate: high development of nonverbal means of dialogue, knowledge in full NLP (nejro-linguistic programming);
- A self-estimation: the overestimated;
- Self-checking level: aspires to progress, it is inclined to calculation, does not suppose throwings in itself and associates;
- Ability to group interaction: the low;

Personal data:

- The native of a city of Leningrad
- A date of birth of 08.11.1981
- It is married (the wife - Irina Anatolevna Zhiganova)
- Has 2 children
- It is registered to the address: St.-Petersburg, Tihoretsky avenue 9-1-56
- At the moment lives to the address: St.-Petersburg, Institutskiy avenue, 19-1)
- Has passport addressed to Zhiganov Mikhail with the operating visas of the European Union which has been given out by embassies of France and Germany
- mail: ,
- mob.n.: Russia +79119365280, +79213294128, +79523502111, +79219362163, +79219626858, +79500074772, +79218624115, Germany +4915784377138, +491638207618, +491721503925, +491779295944, Finland +358417623286, France +33666555438
- Photos are presented on page Photo

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